CO₂ offsetting solutions for digital asset marketplaces

Climate action tools for crypto enthusiasts and institutions

For cryptocurrency owners and enthusiasts

Offset the carbon footprint of your crypto transactions today. We make it quick, easy and transparent.                               

APIs for exchanges and digital wallet operators

Integrate our APIs and offer your clients real-time voluntary carbon offsetting. We will help you achieve your sustainability goals.

For crypto miners and institutional holders

Let us help you compensate for the unintended environmental consequences of your business operations.

About Us

How is Bitcoin impacting the planet?

At ImpactScope we believe in the future of digital currencies. We are, however, concerned by the significant energy requirements of Bitcoin in particular.

In 2021 the Bitcoin network will consume approximately 1 % of global electricity. Unfortunately, there is overwhelming evidence that more than 60% of Bitcoin mining activity depends on fossil fuels. This results in an annual carbon footprint of 36 million tonnes of CO₂. That's the same as putting an extra 2.5 million diesel cars on our roads each year.

Within months of being emitted, carbon dioxide diffuses evenly throughout the lower atmosphere. This means that when we reduce or prevent CO₂ emissions on one side of the world, we can help reduce the overall CO₂ levels of the planet. This is where offsetting comes in.

All ImpactScope carbon offsetting projects are validated and audited by Verra, the world’s leading program for the certification of GHG emission reductions.

ImpactScope supports the Sustainable Development Goals:

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